Assessment of Christ Chapel Upgrades

Posted on October 9th, 2009 by

Recommendation from the Faith Task Force:

Conduct a full assessment of needed upgrades to Christ Chapel, being mindful of all ADA accessibility issues and in keeping with the original architecture of the structure.

Additional explanation:

In an effort to make Christ Chapel, as a physical space, as welcoming and hospitable to all as possible, this may include expanding the narthex to create space for small receptions, pre- and post-event fellowship, and disability-accessible bathrooms; remodeling or expanding the basement to be more useful for its mission, programs and storage; and assessing the technical needs to include possible updates to dedicated lighting, the sound booth, and sound system.

This recommendation was placed in the Tangible Resources Strategic Framework Substantive Category using the language:

Conduct a full assessment of needed upgrades to Christ Chapel.

This recommendation was placed is Tier 1 and is being monitored by the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer.


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