Community Service Center Capacity

Posted on October 9th, 2009 by

Recommendation from the Community Engagement Task Force:

Expand the capacity of the Community Service Center, both in physical space and staff, to meet the needs of faculty, students, and community partners.

Additional explanation:

The Community Service Center is at the heart of community engagement on the Gustavus campus. The biggest barrier to growth is capacity – physical space, as well as professional staff – to accommodate present and future Community Service Center needs.

This recommendation was placed in the Partnerships and Collaborations Strategic Framework Substantive Category using the language:

Expand the infrastructure of the Community Service Center to meet existing needs, expand opportunities, and provide assessment to maximize engaged student learning through community partnerships, with a goal of 75 percent of graduating seniors participating in a course or program involving community-based learning.

This recommendation was placed is Tier 2 and is being monitored by the Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs.


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