Signature Program in Community Engaged Learning Posted on October 9th, 2009 by

Recommendation from the Community Engagement Task Force:

Develop a “signature” program in the area of community-engaged learning.

Additional explanation:

As community engagement emerges as a point of distinction for the College, there should also emerge a signature model/program/event to embody this point for the campus and to showcase to the broader community, alumni, parents, and prospective students. This could be an annual conference to educate attendees about best practices in implementing community-engaged learning or could be a component of community-based learning (e.g. learning partnerships) that is so integrated in the institution that Gustavus is seen as a national model.

This recommendation was placed in the Quality-Enhancing and Innovative Initiatives Strategic Framework Substantive Category using the language:

Make community engagement a point of distinction for Gustavus; this might include developing a “signature” program, receiving the Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Classification, being considered as a “thought leader,” and creating a faculty development program focused on incorporating service/service-learning/engaged learning in course curriculum.

This recommendation was placed is Tier 2 and is being monitored by the Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs.


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