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Information to Drive Alumni Engagement

Recommendation from the Stewardship Task Force: Actively gather new and different information from alumni and use information to drive alumni engagement—online, at events, face to face, in print (The Gustavus Quarterly, class letters, newsletters), virtually, through social networking, and with video programming. Additional explanation: This involves providing appropriate levels of database support to track, disseminate, […]

Class Communication

Recommendation from the Stewardship Task Force: Ensure class communication provides needed college messaging while being vibrant, relevant, and volunteer-driven. Additional explanation: Explore new ways to empower and motivate volunteer class letter writers; new ways to motivate class members to contribute content; new delivery methods; a streamlined process to eliminate re-keying; and expanded use of the […]

Alumni-Focused Merchandise and Marketing

Recommendation from the Stewardship Task Force: Strengthen the Gustavus brand and build alumni pride by creating alumni-focused merchandise and marketing. Additional explanation: This may include merchandise styles and colors, dynamic online shopping, alumni-focused marketing specials such as free shipping or discounts, and developing an alumni merchandise advisory committee. This recommendation was placed in the Quality-Enhancing […]

Faith Dimensions Website

Recommendation from the Faith Task Force: Enhance the current Church Relations/Chaplains’ Office websites to create more robust opportunities to engage with the faith dimensions on campus. Additional explanation: As the efforts to build a world-class website for the College unfold, incorporate a means to enhance relationships and communication between regional, national, and international Lutheran congregations. […]

Alumni Communication Best Practices

Recommendation from the Stewardship Task Force: Be recognized within five years as a best-practice college in alumni communication. Additional explanation: Through a collaboration between the Advancement and Marketing and Communication Divisions, devise the appropriate communications tools (online and print) to systematize the means and messaging for engaging alumni and celebrating their diverse perspectives and achievements. […]

Alumni Communication Preferences

Recommendation from the Stewardship Task Force: Explore methods to track and use alumni communication preferences for delivery type, messaging, and topic content to make 25 percent of communication to any alumnus permission-based, personalized, and customized. Additional explanation: This includes policies and procedures to track and support the option for alumni to receive information online vs. […]

Communicate College’s Lutheran Heritage

Recommendation from the Faith Task Force: Implement an on-going communications strategy to publicize widely the College’s understanding of its Lutheran heritage. Additional explanation: Upon completion of the Lutheran heritage articulation collaborative, the communication should be on-going both within and beyond the campus community. Some ideas we wondered about for a communication strategy included: • Preparation […]

Collecting and Disseminating Stories

Recommendation from the Stewardship Task Force: Create a streamlined process to collect and disseminate stories on and off campus (online, in print, and within the physical plant) about staff and administrators living their passion (hobbies or special interests) outside of work. Additional explanation: When there is interest from the employee, find ways to showcase, display, […]

Articulate the College’s Lutheran Heritage

Recommendation from the Faith Task Force: Charge a collaborative of the Bernhardson Chair, Chaplains’ Office, Office of Church Relations, and Religion Department, during the 2009–10 academic year, to utilize existing College documents to articulate the College’s Lutheran heritage. Additional explanation: “This would include clearly and succinctly stating what the College understands to be the theological […]

Collecting and Disseminating Stories

Recommendation from the Academic Programs and New Initiatives Task Force: Explore ways to collect and disseminate stories both on- and off-campus about the achievements of faculty. Additional explanation: This is both to model excellence internally and showcase the faculty achievements externally. Staff and marketing dollars would be needed to support this collaboration between the Provost’s […]